Employment Opportunities

W&A is a professional consulting firm specializing in the watertightness and durability aspects of commercial building exterior construction – both walls and roofing.  Our firm provides a variety of consulting services with this focus, from review of Architectural drawings for pending new construction, to investigations to determine the causes of leakage, distress, or durability problems in exterior wall and roofing assemblies of existing buildings, to advising Clients regarding the purchase and management of commercial property.


Engineering or Architectural degree graduates interested in this important special field serving the construction industry, and developing an extensive knowledge base regarding building exteriors and roofing, the materials and details which promote durable and watertight building envelopes, to help Clients with their properties, can have an interesting and rewarding position and career with W&A.


Depending on background, education level, field experience, and interest, positions and roles within our firm can include performing investigations on existing buildings to understand and solve problems, performing inspections and testing of new building construction, reviewing drawings and specifications for new construction with our area of focus and expertise, and helping Clients with planning maintenance programs on their properties.



Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Materials Engineering bachelor’s degree is desired.  Past construction experience is valuable.  Depending on level of experience, college degree may not be required.  Drafting experience or training is valuable and recommended.  Quality writing and speaking communication skills are mandatory.  Previous technical writing training or experience is valuable and recommended.  Basic computer skills mandatory.  A “self-starter” who is driven to learn and act, and would enjoy helping Clients solve or avoid problems by applying technical knowledge in construction, is the person we seek.  People with drive and who enjoy working independently, who enjoy such hobbies and past-times as construction and repair of their own home, automobiles, or similar technical challenges – can do well with Williamson & Associates and have a rewarding career.


Compensation and Benefits

“Consultant” with W&A is a salaried professional position.  Additional “bonus” pay is provided based on individual and company performance.  Benefits include major medical and dental insurance, short term and long term disability insurance, major holidays and paid vacation time (amount based on time of service with company).  Rewards include challenging and technical work, helping people (Clients) solve and avoid problems, travel to interesting places and projects, and opportunity to grow and excel by applying drive, interest and education in a valuable field.

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