Existing Buildings Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of consulting services related to the exterior envelope of commercial buildings. Our services related to existing construction are typically organized into the following phases.

Evaluation and Reporting

Condition surveys of selected exterior wall areas or entire exterior envelopes.

Non-destructive testing, such as water spray tests, to determine sources of leakage.

Removal of exterior materials, if required, to determine the condition of hidden materials or components, and their relation to problem conditions.

Preparing and presenting written reports explaining the causes of the problems with the building exterior, and recommending solutions or repairs. When possible, we discuss the choices available to our Clients, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Construction Documents

Discuss repair alternatives and their potential costs with our Client, and to recommend final repair strategies and materials based on available budgeting.

Compiling the bidding, such as Invitation to Bid, Instructions to Bidders, and Proposal Form.

With Bidding Documents are items which later become the Contract Documents, such as the Contract Agreement Form, General Conditions, and Supplemental Conditions.

Other items we prepare for building exterior repair projects are the technical specifications, drawings, and repair details.

Bidding Coordination

Assisting our Client in locating quality contractors, evaluating their qualifications if we have not worked with a Contractor before, and soliciting bids.

During the bidding period, we usually coordinate and chair a Pre-Bid Meeting with our Client and the selected Bidders, to answer questions regarding the scope of repairs and the logistical constraints of the project.

After bids are received by our Client, we assist in reviewing the bids to decide the most responsive Bidder, and then assist our Client in awarding the repair contract.

Services During Construction

Conducting a Pre-Construction meeting with our Client and the repair Contractor, to discuss final project controls and coordination.

Providing part-time construction inspections to monitor the Contractor's compliance with the Contract requirements and specifications.

Quality assurance testing, such as water testing wall assemblies or repaired areas, if needed.

Written and photographic documentation of the repair project, as it is being performed.

Performing a Substantial Completion or "punchlist" inspection of the completed repair project. After the Contractor performs "punchlist corrections", if required, we typically perform a Final Completion Inspection.

Other Building Exterior Consulting Services

Review of Architectural drawings, with a focus on exterior watertightness and durability. During this service, we typically "red-line" the drawings with our recommendation comments, and if desired meet with our Client to discuss our recommendations.

Due Diligence Condition Surveys of building exteriors, walls and roofs. This service we typically provide to Clients intent on purchasing a building, to assess the properties condition, apparent maintenance needs, and potential costs.